A young man with a clear vision and India’s new ray of hope in the world of Indian politics. He was born on June 19, 1970 in Delhi. He belongs to Catholic religion. He is son of Rajeev Gandhi (Sixth Prime Minister of India) and Sonia Gandhi (Current President of the Indian National Congress). His primary education was done in St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and then he moved to Dehra Doon. He has attended Harvard College and Rollins College, Florida from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. He completed his M. Phil. in Development Studies from Trinity College, Cambridge University. Before entering in politics, he worked for private firms. Currently, he is member of parliament from Amethi Loksabha Constituency. He also indulged in sports and clubs like Flying, rifle shooting, squash, scuba diving, swimming. He joined politics in 2003-04. Flapping his political fins to stay afloat in the vagaries of current Indian politics he is a youth representative and icon of modern India, Rahul Gandhi – aged 48.


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Rahul Gandhi belongs to a family of politicians. He has witnessed a lot of gory politics in his life and is thus, a fifth-generation politician.

He was also seen as a reluctant entrant in politics who began to take his initial steps in Congress Party’s matters in order to assist his mother. In November, he decided to come out of his nut shell and he picked up 40 members for the Indian Youth Congress thinktank and National Students Union Organization 9 through a series of interviews. He has also managed to win and retain the Lok Sabha elections in Amethi in 2009. He was credited with Congress’s rejuvenation in UP where he ultimately won 21seats out of the 80 Lok Sabha seats.

While in year 2012, the scenario was just opposite for the UP assembly elections. Rahul Gandhi campaigned heavily and has addressed more than 200 rallies and the outcome was that Congress ended as 4th in the state with only 29 seats.

Background of Rahul Gandhi has not really worked in his favour as he has had a difficult time managing and understanding the murky politics in India. Many critics have actually said that Rahul Gandhi has neither the ideas nor the energy to initiate changes in the political scenario. There has been reports of even his fellow Congressmen getting exasperated with his lack of initiative many a times.

While others ponder that he is a hare-brained politician making comments such as “Poverty is a state of mind” or “Escape velocity is needed” for Dalit’s to overcome social challenges. Or he is an emotionally-driven politician wanting to make a genuine impact on villagers just by sleeping with them in their huts and spending time to know each one of them. Another instance, which drew flak, was when on the 10th day of Anna Hazare’s fast protesting for the Jan Lokpal Bill movement, Rahul Gandhi stated that the Lokpal should be a constitutional body and be answerable to the Parliament just like the Election Commission of India. He strongly voiced his opinion that the Lokpal solely could not root out corruption from the economy.

Rahul Gandhi

This led the Parliament tabling bill on December 29th, 2011, with the same opinion supported by all parties and the fading away of Anna Hazare’s movement.

He backed up the Women’s Reservation Bill which would allow 33% reservation of Lok Sabha and state legislative assembly seats for women.

In year 2004, he was elected in the Lok Sabha from the constituency of Amethi.

Rahul Gandhi started accompanying his mother Sonia Gandhi in different public events and Congress party meetings. In year 2006, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra managed the election campaigning for their mother Sonia Gandhi in Rae Bareli, which she won. Rahul Gandhi was one of the prominent party figure who campaigned in the year 2007 in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

In September 2007, he became the General Secretary of the Indian Youth Congress and also of National Student’s Union of India. In his hard efforts to reform youth politics in November 2008, he conducted interviews at his residence in New Delhi to select at least 40 people to form the think-tank of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC).

The Indian Youth Congress (IYC) and National Student’s Union of India (NSUI), under his guidance, have witnessed huge increase in members from 2,00,000 to 25,00,000.

Rahul Gandhi by making efforts retained his seat in the constituency of Amethi in 2009 Lok Sabha elections. He was also acknowledged as one of the contributor in the revival of Congress party in Uttar Pradesh where the party won 20 Lok Sabha seats out of 80. In 6 weeks he had travelled across the nation and spoken at 125 rallies.

Rahul Gandhi was arrested on 11 May 2011 in Bhatta Parsaul village by the Uttar Pradesh police as he was supporting flustered farmers who were demanding more compensation against acquisition of their land for a highway project. During the year 2012 Assembly elections, he campaigned in Uttar Pradesh for almost two months, holding 200 rallies. Congress won 28 seats in the state, which is 6 seats more compared with the 2007 elections. However, the party acquired 4th position in the state.

Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Vadra travelled to Pakistan on a goodwill visit to watch the first cricket series between India and Pakistan after 14 years. On 19 January 2013, Rahul Gandhi was appointed as the Congress Vice President in a party conclave of the All India Congress Committee in Jaipur. Officially, he is ranked second in the party after his mother, Sonia Gandhi, who is presently the party president.

Rahul Gandhi has won from Amethi constituency in the year 2014 in Lok Sabha elections. However, the Congress party suffered its biggest defeat that year.

In 2016, the RSS filed a defamation suit against Rahul Gandhi for claiming that the former killed Mahatma Gandhi. As on 2 September, 2016, Rahul has said he stands by his remark and will fight his case in court.